Large mirrors provide more depth to this unique bathroom design. Large vanity can be used as a dressing table with space for a stool.

Contemporary bathroom with standalone bathtub and gothic colours. Shows a very professional, rich look. Good use of straight geometric shapes including the faucet. Another masterpiece for the million dollar home.

Expensive bathroom design maintaining a very eclectic feel. This bathroom seems to virtually traverse different eras. Décor completed with an antique dressing table and stool.

Very sleek, clean look with an elaborate faucet. Luxurious feel for a contemporary, budget conscious bathroom design.

Modern design except for the classic stand alone bathtub. Brass colored faucets and circular mirror brings additional dimension to this bathroom’s design.

Excellent use of larger contemporary tiles combined with smaller traditional tiles in this simple design. This smaller bathroom lent some room for a dressing table.

Transition from traditional to modern bathroom design. More common, his and her’s layout with traditional lighting. Traditional wall mount lighting fixtures.

A circular idea in an attic-like layout. Smaller his and her’s vanity with mounted make up mirror. Ample skylights for natural lighting.