Craftsman Kitchens

Dreaming of a kitchen with a difference? Have an eye for fine details? Then the Craftsman kitchen is your dream come true! Starting in the early 20th century, right out of the Victorian era, it is as cozy as the dept and warmth of a comforting fireplace on a rainy or snowy day. Let’s delve into the essentials of a craftsman kitchen. From rich woods in its natural beauty, clean-lined cabinetry, built-in seating and hand crafted tiles to faucets and fixtures with warm deep finish, all speak of craftsman’s kitchen. Don’t forget to add a touch of earthy colors. Bring in some mossy greens, woodsy browns and even deep golds or rusty orange through the use of paints, tiles or accents will do. To finish off this work of art is some simple lights such as mini chandeliers or scones. Even tiffany lamps will suit this masterpiece.